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Works by Lu Pincang

Lv Pinchang, male, born in 1962, is currently the deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute (in charge of administrative work), a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Vice Chairman of China Urban Sculpture Association, Director of China Artists Association, Deputy Director and Secretary General of Sculpture Art Committee, Vice President of China Sculpture Society, Deputy Director of Art Committee of National Urban Sculpture Steering Committee, Director of Beijing Artists Association, Sculpture Art Deputy Director of the Committee, Distinguished Sculptor of China Sculpture Academy of China National Academy of Arts, Distinguished Sculptor of Sculpture Institute of China National Academy of Painting, Member of UNESCO International Ceramics Association (IAC).

In 2013, he won the “Outstanding Contribution Award for China’s Ceramic Art Education and Development”. In 2009, he won the “Xu Beihong Award for Chinese Urban Sculpture” by the National Urban Sculpture Steering Committee. In 2008, he won the “60 Years of New China Urban Sculpture Construction Achievement Award” by the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Culture. In 2008, he won the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 2006, he was selected for the “New Century Excellent Talents Program” of the Ministry of Education. In 1997, he won the Art Document Nomination Award. In 1997, he won the Excellent Work Award in the “3rd National Urban Sculpture Outstanding Achievement Exhibition” of the Ministry of Construction. In 2003, he won the Beijing International Fine Arts Award. Biennale Academic Excellence Award In 1998, he won the gold award in Beijing’s “Art Exhibition Commemorating the 55th Anniversary of the Victory of the Chinese Anti-Japanese War”. In 1999, he won the silver award in the “Chinese Art Exhibition” of the Ministry of Culture and the Artists Association. Sports Art Exhibition” Gold Award. Won the “National Excellent Teacher Medal” by the State Education Commission.


November 12, 2022


Design, Vintage