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Hu Quancun’s works

Born in July 1977 in Yueyang, Hunan. In June 1999, graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts of Hunan Normal University. In June 2006, graduated from the School of Architecture of the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree. August 2006 – present, taught in the public art studio of the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (Studio Director/Associate Professor)

In March 2019, the 15th Australia Perscott Pets Falls Coast Sculpture Exhibition. In December 2018, the works and subjects participated in the 3rd China Design Exhibition and public art majors. Among them, Hu Quanchun’s work “Tiankeng Floor Drain” won the DFA Asia’s Most Influential Design Award for Environmental Design Gold Award


November 12, 2022


Design, Vintage