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Ke Chuang is a professional company integrating the design, production, installation of urban public art, such as sculptures and murals.
We focus on urban squares, theme parks, hotel interiors, urban outdoor public furniture, art consulting, international exchange programs and other projects.
CK PUBLIC Blog completing a number of national key projects at home, abroad.
We concentrate on localization and personality, emphasize the cultural sense while maintaining the aesthetic balance between history.
We ensure both functional, spiritual presentations of every project, work together for the spirit and goals of Ke Chuang.

Stone carving is an old tradition. Many factors of the cultural heritage of mankind now exist only through the lens of antique stones.

How Do You Cut Stone for Sculpture?

Whether you plan to build a patio platform or make a sculpture out of stone, learning to cut stone allows you to customize the size and shape of your pieces.

Cutting a stone is hard work, but the stone stays for a long time.

What is the Process to Sculpt a Stone Sculpture?

Sculpting a stone sculpture is a complex process that requires patience, skill, and the right tools. Here is a general process to follow when sculpting a stone sculpture:

  • Choose the stone: The first step in sculpting a stone sculpture is to choose the right stone. Different types of stone have different properties, such as hardness and texture, that can affect the sculpting process. Some common types of stone used for sculpture include marble, granite, limestone, and sandstone.
  • Sketch the design: Before beginning to sculpt, it’s important to have a clear idea of the design you want to create. You can sketch the design on paper or directly on the stone with a pencil or chalk.
  • Rough out the form: Using a chisel and hammer, rough out the basic form of the sculpture. This involves removing large chunks of stone to create the rough shape of the sculpture.
  • Refine the shape: Once the rough shape is established, use smaller chisels and other carving tools to refine the shape of the sculpture. This involves removing smaller pieces of stone to create a more detailed and polished shape.